My people.

I’m speaking to the disability community.

Disabilities you can see, disabilities that you can’t see. 

I’m speaking to everybody, you are my people.

 I’m speaking to those who are on top, those who have been broken, those who have been battered, those in pain. 

I’m speaking to you. 

For too long I have seen you dismissed, avoided and rejected. 

I have seen you cast aside, and counted out.

 I have watched the way your dignity has been stepped on, and seen your safety taken away. I have watched you struggle and I have wondered how on earth in a sea of people….no one really notices you.

I have seen the way that people look at you like you have no possibility of a future. 

The way you have been told that this is the best that you will be able to do, when you know damn well you have more inside of you. 

I watched you get promised the world, you were promised disability reform, equal rights, freedom to be accepted and included. 

Told that you could be worthwhile, considered and given room in this world but you were delivered very few of these promises in reality. 

I saw what disability cost has you, and my people – you have paid too much already.

So now, I am speaking for you.

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