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My people.

I’m speaking to the disability community. Disabilities you can see, disabilities that you can’t see.  I’m speaking to everybody, you are my people.  I’m speaking to those who are on top, those who have been broken, those who have been battered, those in pain.  I’m speaking to you.  For too […]

Pop up providers.

   There are alot of ‘pop up’ companies trying to fill the market for NDIS services. You must have seen the ads sprinkled throughout social media. Offering all manner of NDIS services such as support work, support coordination, supported community access, sporting, social, cooking services. NDIS nursing services, NDIS registration […]

My sweet little Illyana.

Illyana would have to be one of the sweetest, most genuine and kindest children you will meet. She is resilient, brave and has more courage in her delicate little finger than I do in my whole spirit. She is entirely remarkable.  She also has some impressive credentials against her name:   […]