Module 9: The Communication Catapult™

This module is dedicated to the art of communication. We really strip away why support workers need such advanced skills in communication and use some incredible real life examples that highlight why so many support workers fail in the industry and lose participants. Amy helps you really consider communication from a new perspective.

-Module Features-

You Feel Awkward

Learning how to communicate can allow for overall better outcomes, but it can be a challenge if you feel awkward or uncomfortable during these conversations. Learn how to manage this.

Clients Don’t Understand

The communication between you and your clients need to be extremely clear, concise and easy to understand. Learn how..

Adaptable Comms.

One size methods never work in this field. Everyone is unique and requires their own level of communication to be utilised. It's your job to match it. Find out how to become adaptable. 

What you get:

Video: Step-By-Step Module Presentation With DCCA Director Amy Gray

PDF: Module Slides

Community: Access To The Disability Hub™ Community Group.

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