Module 6: Impact Interview™

We start looking at the qualities you will need to create a successful, long-term support worker business. We share a top-secret DCCA company integrity measuring tool, the F.I.C.A scale and discuss in depth the main qualities that outstanding disability support needs such as incorruptibility, forthrightness, wholeness, and integrity. We talk about these qualities breaking them down into easily understandable, digestible pockets of information. 

We also take a journey through the concept of setting and maintaining healthy professional boundaries breaking this down as only DCCA can, using mixed media, and real-life examples. Amy guides you through how to set yourself up for a successful career in disability support. 

-Module Features-

Don’t Show Up Last

Stand out in the interview process and learn how to make an impact.

Positioned As A Leader

Showing up equipped and presented as a leader can make or break your success. Learn some of the key points to acheive this. 

Get It Right From The Start

Learning how to set professional and ethical boundaries for lasting success needs to be implemented in this time. Learn how to do this correctly. 

What you get:

Video: Step-By-Step Module Presentation With DCCA Director Amy Gray

PDF: Module Slides

Community: Access To The Disability Hub™ Community Group.

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