Module 2: Role Play Rectifier™

In this section we will talk about the roles and responsibilities of some of the members of a participant's  NDIS team. The team consists of the Planners, LAC, CoS and Plan managers. Each member has a specific and vital role to play for the disability community, and you have a relationship with most of them! Understanding those roles and having a good in depth understanding of your responsibility will set you up for a successful career in the disability industry!

-Module Features-

Understand Your Roles

Not knowing the roles within the industry can create a hassle-loaded experience that will cause many issues for a disability worker. Learn who's who, and how these roles are involved in the big picture.

Avoid Friction

Friction is progress's worst enemy. When it comes to operations, roles, communication workers must have a frictionless flow that allows progress for both the career of the worker, and the participants involved. 

Achieve Reliable Outcomes

It can be difficult to build your network of participants to provider quality care when you are unable to achieve reliable outcomes for them and your professional service. Understanding how to achieve this is key. 

What you get:

Video: Step-By-Step Module Presentation With DCCA Director Amy Gray

PDF: Module Slides

Community: Access To The Disability Hub™ Community Group.

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