Module 7: Delivery Distinction™

Throughout this module we look at learning the basics of close contact work and talk about what that actually looks like in a very real way. Amy gets you thinking about the core concepts of the NDIS such as promoting independence and the overarching concepts of providing a service in a way that empowers and promotes an incredible experience for your participant. 

-Module Features-

Make Delivery Easy.

Service Delivery can be challenging and often miss a lot of the essential components that participants expect. 

Learn how to delivery flawlessly, without continued struggle and error.

Better Control.

Finding the balance between what you deliver and how you operate will help you build a sustainable output level that will allow to grow to scale and delivery consistent results.

Gain Respect.

Being a support worker is a respectable career path. But with the territory comes a darker side that has tainted a lot of participants' experiences. This module helps you deliver to a standard that gains the respect the role deserves. 

What you get:

Video: Step-By-Step Module Presentation With DCCA Director Amy Gray

PDF: Module Slides

Community: Access To The Disability Hub™ Community Group.

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