Module 4: The Invoice Engineer™

The role of the independent support worker is one that hasn't had much support, which is why we have written this module! We noticed that there have been some main areas of interest for skill building in the support worker community out there such as; the NDIS price guide,  invoicing, line item numbers, KM’s, travel, and allowances. During the module, we discuss what is built into the hourly rate and go through creating an invoice together. We have designed this section to give you the valuable insights that you will need to get paid and reduce the risks of not getting paid for the amazing work that you do! 

-Module Features-

Engineer Perfect Invoices

Invoicing can be a tricky and confusing task. Most workers get it wrong and it hurts their relationship with ongoing payments. This module teaches you how to avoid this.

Stay In The Good Books

Failing to invoice correctly on multiple occasions can raise questions from the fund management and cause you to be viewed as untrustworthy and stick a ? above your name. Learn how to fix this.

Get Paid On Time.

Invoicing Correctly, gets you paid on time, every time. 

What you get:

Video: Step-By-Step Module Presentation With DCCA Director Amy Gray

PDF: Module Slides

Community: Access To The Disability Hub™ Community Group.

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