Module Video: The Client Insider™

This module has been developed to help you develop incredible skills in learning. DCCA genuinely hopes to Help build an army of insightful skilled workers who have a vested interest in protecting the integrity of the sector themselves. We hope to empower support workers to speak up, and make a difference for the disability community. At the most vulnerable end of the spectrum this community needs strong, independent, bold ethical workers who understand that their voice matters and they can be part of the culture change.We brainstormed how to achieve this and decided to write a module on learning!!  I know this probably sounds crazy….. Please …. bear with me. 

The job of the disability support worker is one that requires you to be an expert in learning about people so you can tailor your services and bring all the good stuff like helping a participant chase their goals, dreams and aspirations! If you can learn exactly what makes your participants tick, you can offer services with a sense of connectedness, and support and bring happiness to everyone you work with. And part of that is getting into the nitty gritty of how well you learn and what are the ways that you can improve those skills so you can be an industry standout! That's why this little section is so relevant. Because being a good learner is paramount. This is how you become an expert in your field. This is how you will be able to turn your support worker journey into a business! By transforming yourself into an incredible student not only throughout this course but continuously throughout your career!

We talk about what it actually takes to be a good learner and begin to look at what some of the barriers to our learning might be. 

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The Client Insider™ PDF

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The Lab Worksheets™

In some of our modules, there are additional worksheets for you to complete to ensure your training is hardwired. Download Below.

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