Our Mission

“There needs to be real, raw, lived experience at the top of the food chain within the disability sector, There needs to be more lived experience on the ground, and in management and leadership roles. There is a certain morality and ethical investment that comes from employing lived experience. This needs to trickle dow and reinvest back into the sector. This pervasive sector ignorance we are seeing is decimating the industry.”

Amy Gray – DCCA Director 2022

The Dis Crew Mission

I started this company to raise awareness and facilitate change within the disability sector for the disability community through offering a variety of disability awareness courses & presentations, mixed media workshops, and face to face consultancy. This is my mission. I have a multifaceted view on disability. I have worked in many roles within the sector. I am a nurse, and sector professional, but my greatest role thus far has been raising my daughter, who is 17 now and was born with complex and profound lifelong disabilities. I've seen the sector from both angles. What I saw, the way it made me feel and the way I have been treated as both a carer/participant of the NDIS and a sector professional has really surprised me. I want to help facilitate powerful positive change for our disability community and we feel that the only way we will be able to do that is by trying to bridge the gap between service providers and the dosability comminity. We found that awareness building, training, education and support is the most protective restorative agent. This is what we offer in our miriad of disability awareness programs.