The disability community has been asking for others to accept and include them long before my time. It really got me thinking, how easy is it though, to actually accept yourself enough so that you may ask others to accept you?  There are lots of minorities out there have had to advocate for themselves and luckily these days with social media it has never been easier. We have been able to see intimate, vulnerable moments of each other’s lives with the press of a button on the humble camera phone.  It’s really these moments that have helped break down some of the walls and misconceptions, letting the viewer in long enough to see the real picture. 

Illyana would have to be one of the sweetest, most genuine and kindest children you will meet. She is resilient, brave and has more courage in her delicate little finger than I do in my whole spirit. She is entirely remarkable. Let's get to know her more.

I’ve spoken a lot about the lack of skills within the disability sector. And I have a few suspicions as to how the industry got here and why it will stay there if the government doesn’t do something.

There are alot of ‘pop up’ companies trying to fill the market for NDIS services. You must have seen the ads sprinkled throughout social media. Offering all manner of NDIS services such as support work, support coordination, supported community access, sporting, social, cooking services. NDIS nursing services, NDIS registration support and quality and auditing services. Services that offer holidays (not even legal under the NDIS) you name it. NDIS is the new buzzword and seems to be code for ‘come grab some CASH’. 

I just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page.

The disability community is fierce, capable and strong, that’s a given. But all communities deserve to have safeguards in place to help try and keep them safe and ward off the unscrupulous. Let's look at what are the safeguards provided by the NDIS for our most vulnerable members of the community.

I’m speaking to the disability community.

Disabilities you can see, disabilities that you can’t see. 

I’m speaking to everybody, you are my people… 

There’s been so many people over the years that have said something to me about the inspiring nature of disability. I’ve heard so many comments about how they somehow feel more ‘inspired’ as a result of being around disability.  

And I have really thought about this, and considered it at great length. Is disability really that inspiring?

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The NDIS has redefined the landscape of disability care, emphasizing individual choice and empowerment. To deliver top-tier support, service providers and agencies must prioritize staff upskilling. This article explores why it's no longer an option but a necessity to meet the diverse needs of participants, adhere to NDIS values, ensure legal compliance, enhance quality of life, and stay competitive in the evolving disability care sector. Stay tuned to discover the key areas of upskilling for exceptional NDIS care.